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In April of 2011 Merrie Jo & Steve Leite donated their beautiful 2001 18' SeaSwirl Striper to Liberty Maritime for use by our Tiki Too Sea Scout program.

Merrie Jo and Steve have kept this boat in like-new condition.

When it came time to move from the area, they decided to donate her to the girls program instead of selling her.

Thank you, again, Steve and Merrie Jo for your generosity!

2001 SeaSwirl Striper








In April of 2009 the 22' Farallon, Compliance,

was donated to the museum by Pacific Gas and Electric.

She was used as a research boat by PG&E, reportedly in Morro Bay.

We picked Compliance up at an auction yard in Vallejo.


Compliance alongside Liberty at Mandeville in July, 2009


Liberty Maritime used Compliance as a crew boat and training vessel.

She was sold in June 2012 to help support the continued operation of Liberty.

Our sincere thanks to PG&E!



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