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Lighthouse Tender FIR (WLM-212)

Now Sold!

Possibly open for tours at its new home soon! We'll keep you informed.


Fir's fluids were all drained and all thru-hulls were blanked off when she was moved to the Suisun Bay Reserve Fleet in 1997. She was in remarkably good condition, having spent almost her entire life moored in fresh water.

Liberty Maritime Museum acquired her in 2002. Over the course of the 5+ years we owned her we made operational her two 100KW ship service generators and most of her equipment. We were unsuccessful in finding a museum to accept her, Fir was sold in 2008.

The following equipment was operational and had been tested in 2008:

        Nearly all of her interior, exterior and navigation lights.           

        Galley equipment including; refer, oven, range and Gaylord hood.

        Buoy crane, anchor winch, stern capstan and boat windlass.

        #2 Fire Pump and all fire stations, #2 potable water pump

        Main electrical switching panel, all breaker boxes and shore power tie (440V).

        All doors, portholes, hatches and scuttles, as well as interior screen doors.


Other equipment has not been operated since the vessel was put up. Fluids have not been added and blanks for thru-hulls have not all been removed. Fuel tanks are clean and empty, as is the sewage tank.

Components reported to be in good condition and believed to be capable of being operated, but not made so since leaving the reserve fleet include:

        Fairbanks Morse main engines and gearboxes.

        Fire pump #1, #1Potable water pump, bilge pumps (we've never had to pump her).

        Hydraulic steering assist gear. Oily water separator.

         Diesel and electric donkey boilers, oil filters and purifiers.


Fir is remarkably complete. She has obviously always been well taken care of by people who cared for her.

Her interior is in surprisingly good condition and all of her equipment looks well cared for.


Fir Survey from August 2002

Technical Details and Historic Information

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