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Here are various images of the PTF-26, Liberty.  Click on an image to view.




                                                                                                Mike Klapka photo         outboard profile



Jack Duncan photos from the 1970s  (shared with us 01/22/2015)

"Alongside, bow to stern, the PTF-24 at Amphib Base, Coronado, early 1970s sometime."


"Assistant-Officer-in-Charge (X.O.) Master Chief Gunner's Mate Jack Duncan and Officer-in-Charge (Skipper) Lieutenant Snyder, 1976, at Coronado.  Collateral duty for the Master Chief whose main billet was Squadron Command Master Chief."




PTF-26, Liberty, on the Napa River in October 2012 Ray Muldrew photo




Port Main Engine swap August/September 2012



Misc. 2012



Layover at Walnut Grove, October 2011




Spring and Summer 2011


                                                                                      San Francisco Fleet Week 2010 photos


      Tom Elliott photos


Hundreds of hours of prepping the boat. Communications with the SF Fleet Week association, the Port of San Francisco, representatives of the Liberty Ship Jeremiah O'Brien, the submarine Pampanito, and local Coast Guard personnel. The honor of being part of the Parade of Ships, maneuvering around hundreds of vessels during the air show, thousands of people viewing PTF-26 on the bay and at Pier 45, hundreds of people young and old, active military and veterans, Americans and visitors stopping by the booth to chat .

Still, the moment that comes back to me is the quiet woman who had a look about her that said that she'd had some hard times and was not well off. She waited until I had a  moment alone, then stepped up to me and said  "I'd like to make a donation, it's not much". She gave me a handful of a little over 1$ in change and as she turned to slip away said quietly and quickly with a tone that may have expressed pride and/or sadness or maybe that she couldn't really afford to do this, but felt that she had to; "My brother served in Vietnam".                Capt. Jim West












Photos by Brad Morine, Rebecca West, Kent Dryden, Ross Lindblom, Tom Elliott and , Jim West




                                                                                          Ancient Mariner Regatta 2010            Santa Barbara 2010       



                                    Richmond, CA 2010                The Painted Cave, Santa Cruz Island - July 2010                            California Coast 2010


                                                                  Pier 38, SF July 2010                             Georgiana Slough, Sacramento Delta July 2010


YBI Safety @ Sea Cruise 2009


                                                                                  Haul-Out May 2008            Sacramento Delta - June 2008

2008 40th Anniversary Photos

Rio Vista "Red Dock" May 2008


Ancient Mariner Sea Scout Regatta, Memorial Weekend, May 2008


Mk 1 .50 Cal. Ammo Box Barbeque


Rio Vista, CA 2004



PTF-26 at Pt Hueneme circa 1989


PTF-26 in Dana Point early '80s?



                                                                    nabcoronado                   26crew, Neil McDonald photo         PTF-24

PTFs 24 and 26 Coastal River Squadron 1, Jim Gray photo, late 70s?


PTF-26 crew April 1975



Bruce Bradshaw photos from the early 1970s  (shared with us 01/15/2013)

I am a retired Navy officer that served as the skipper of the PTF 26 during the early 70's and very pleased to see that it is still around and serving the youth of today. I have a few pictures of the PTF 26 underway as attached and wondered if you would be interested in any more.

Bravo Zulu to your group for keeping this craft going and to such great use. Certainly would have liked to have been aboard when she hit 51 knots!!! Most we ever got with Napier Deltics was 40 knots down wind, and following seas.


As a young LT, I was assigned to Coastal River Squadron One in Coronado CA as skipper of the PTF 26. We supported training evolutions for the UDT and Seal teams from Coronado and fleet exercises off the Pacific coast. North Viet Nam had Russian PT boats that carried the Styx surface to surface missile and our job was to simulate those boats in Fleet Exercises in preps for deploying to the Western Pacific. Great assignment and we had a lot of fun.

We had the boat completely out of the water a number of times at high speeds and it was a jarring crash when we came down.


Bruce Bradshaw, CAPT/USN (Ret) 



On her way home, post Vietnam

PTF-26 returns from the PI aboard USS Tuscaloosa LST-1187 circa summer 1971





Text and images (c) 2003-2015 Liberty Maritime Museum, credits to Kent Dryden, Liz Morine, Captain Jim West.