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Here we have past and recent additions to the website, including news about our vessels.


Morris Underway - May 2017

this section under construction



May 2015

Liberty visits Cal Maritime for Ancient Mariner Sea Scout Regatta

shown left-right, front to back;

MSS Tradewind, CMA FJs, Pullboat #4, CMA Ursa, Pegasus, CMA Tuna, PTF-26 Liberty, SSS Intrepid, CMA Cub,

CMA Foss barge, SSS Gryphon, SSS Compass Rose, CMA Black Bear, CMA #9 (on wharf), SSS Northland, SSS Chaser



April 2015

Coast Guard Cutter Morris Donated to Liberty Maritime


September 2014

Rest in Peace - Mr. Kent Dryden

Liberty Maritime director, Sea Scout leader and our close friend M. Kent Dryden passed away Sept. 23,2014.

Kent had been steadily declining in health, due to cancer, and passed quietly at home with his daughter Airica by his side.


Kent came to the Sea Scout Ship Tiki Too in 1997 and was a founding director of Liberty Maritime in 2001. He has been our partner in the rehabilitation and operation of PTF-26 Liberty, Fir, DSU Dive Boat and countless other projects. He was our Chief Cook, Engineer, gun expert, fabricator, repairman and handyman as well as a friend to our officers and crew. Despite having been diagnosed with cancer a year ago he stayed active in our program, ran drill at all three Northern California Sea Scout regattas and made our summer cruise in June / July.


Kent was a good friend and great shipmate. He is and will continue to be sorely missed.

Captain Jim West



May  2014 - Liberty visits USS Hornet


Hornet berthed by Ready-Reserve ships at the old Naval Air Station, Alameda, CA & PTF-26 underway, crossing Hornet's bow, on Memorial Day 2014.


April and May  2014 - Amazing Youth Program competition success.




July  2013 -

PTF-26, Liberty alongside Old Fisherman's Wharf, Monterey in July 2013. Other stops were made in the Sacramento Delta, Half Moon Bay and Moss Landing.


May 2013 -


PTF-26, Liberty underway from the USS Hornet in Alameda, CA on Memorial Day, May 27th, 2013.


PTF-26, Liberty leaving Old Salts Sea Scout Regatta in Redwood City on May 5th 2013.


April 2013 - "New" 16v71 Detroit Port Main Engine is in place and operational in PTF-26

On 11-18-2012 The 85' World War II Air-Sea Rescue boat (ASR) All American and PTF-26 were alongside each other at our Sacramento dock. The ASR had 8,000 lbs each 16v71 Detroit Diesel, 16 cylinder engines and PTF-26 had 4,000 lbs each 12v71, 12 cylinder engines. The project of swapping engines between the two boats was begun. Five months later, on 4-25-2013, the project was complete and both boats operational with their "new" engines. The ASR now has 12v71 Detroits and PTF-26 now has 16v71 Detroits.

All work was performed by Liberty staff and the girls of Sea Scout Ship Tiki Too.


New Lease for Scout Program - The family of Jesse Marks has graciously agreed to extend our lease at the Jesse Marks Memorial Sea Scout Base for another 10 years. This base is just across the Sacramento River from the city of Rio Vista, CA. The program primarily serves young people from Sacramento Delta communities.



December 2012    PTF-26, Liberty and ASR All American in Sacramento Jason Alexander photo

The 4 engine swap was the brainchild of Mr. Scott Benedict and Captain Jim West. The win/win plan was to remove 8,000 lbs. total from the much lighter ASR and to move the weight slightly farther aft to make the boat ride lighter and more bow-up, thus increasing speed with less power. The heavier PTF-26 has been sitting a bit high since the removal of the Napier Deltics so the additional weight is not an issue, but the increased 25-30% more power promises a higher top speed. On trial cruises both boats seemed to have better speed and handling characteristics.


January 2013 - Bruce Bradshaw photos from the early 1970s added. See Images, PTF-26.


October 2012 - Congressman Garamendi visits our youth program's information booth at the Rio Vista Bass Festival


August 2012 - "New" 12v71 Detroit Port Main Engine is lowered into the engine room of PTF-26


October 2011 - Layover in Walnut Grove, standing by for the Paintersville Bridge to be repaired.

We open seven bridges between Rio Vista and our Sacramento dock and occasionally the bridges become temporarily out of commission.


April-May 2011 - Liberty cruised from Sacramento to Rio Vista, then to Redwood City for the Old Salts' Sea Scout Regatta. She then cruised to the Napa Sea Scout Base, to the USS Hornet Museum in Alameda for the Ancient Mariner Regatta, then back to Napa.


May 1st, 2011 Liberty cruised in company with the 90' Sea Scout Ship Chaser to their base in Napa.


April 2011 - SeaSwirl Striper donated to the museum



February 2011 - Pullboat #10 donated by the Sea Scout Ship Farall U Uw U٦ U8 U U U%20Too%20March%202011k%20-12[1]w%20c_small.JPG" xthumbnail-orig-image="Tiki Too March 2011k -12[1]w c.JPG" width="100" height="66">


October 22-24, 2010 - Liberty, PTF-26 at U.S. Coast Guard Station YBI (Yerba Buena Island)

                with Sea Scouts from SSS Tiki Too and SSS Intrepid aboard for Safety at Sea training.




October 9-11, 2010 - Liberty, PTF-26 participated in the San Francisco Fleet Week Parade of Ships.  

   For our collection of Fleet Week photos look for PTF-26 Liberty in the Images section.

   See PTF-26 on the SF Fleet Week Association site:    http://www.fleetweek.us/Ships.html


July 2010 - Liberty, PTF-26 So Cal Cruise with Sea Scout Ship Tiki Too and Mariner Ship Tradewind.

Starting at the Chaser's Sea Scout Base in Napa, CA, then to: 

Mandeville Cut on the San Joaquin River; the Northland's Sea Scout Base in the Graving Docks in Richmond, CA; the Painted Cave at Santa Cruz Island; Channel Islands Harbor; Rainbow Harbor, Long Beach with a visit to the Aquarium of the Pacific and a day at Disneyland (the happiest place on earth!); Santa Barbara; Morro Bay, Santa Cruz, with a trip to the Boardwalk; Pier 38, San Francisco; Georgiana Slough, Sacramento Delta; then home to the old Air Force Dock in Sacramento.


December 2008 - Silver Dollar donated to Liberty Maritime.


Kent Dryden and Richard West underway onboard Silver Dollar on a cold winter's day.


May 2008 - PBR 722 moves to the Bellingham International Maritime Museum


April-May 2008 - USCGC Fir Sold and relocated to Richmond, CA


Feb -May 2008 - PTF-26, Liberty hauled out at Anderson's Boat Yard in Sausalito




November 2007 - USCGC Fir made available for purchase!


July 2006 - PTF-26, Liberty featured in "walk-on" portion of Fear Factor!




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