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Liberty Maritime supports an all-female Sea Scout crew, Tiki Too, based in Northern California.

The Sacramento location is at at the OLD AIR FORCE DOCK, 1601 Garden Highway.

The Rio Vista facility is at the JESSE MARKS SEA SCOUT BASE, 16800 Highway 160.



Seafarers Regatta, April 2017

12 Crews from Northern California competed at

The Albatross Sea Scout Base and the Martinez Marina



First Place Overall – 33 points

First Place in 14 of 23 events

Placed in every event

First Place awards in Ship Events:
Ship Knots - 100%, Compass & Relative Bearings - 100%, Ship Drill - 100%, , Sailing Recognition, Mariner’s Quiz - 81% and Mystery Event (Bohemian Rhapsody).

First Place awards in Team Events:
Scuttlebutt - 60 seconds, Breeches Buoy – 2:32, Bosun's Chair - 1:20,  Team Knots - 3:55, Radio, First Aid, Rules of the Road and Engineering.  

Second Place in:                                                          
Marlinspike, Barrel Fill, International Code Flags

Third Place in:                                                            
Ring Buoy, Heaving Line, Motor Boating

 Fourth Place in:                                                            
Dinghy Race 

Fifth Place (tied) in:                                                            
Rope Climb





Ancient Mariner Regatta, May 27-30, 2016

27 crews from NorCal, SoCal, Oregon, Washington, Hawaii competed at

The California Maritime Academy



First Place Overall (unofficial)

Clipper (top) Class Award and Resolute Mariner (For competing in all events).

Navigator Award Trophy – Awarded for the best combined score in Compass, Piloting, Radio and Rules.

Drill-Off Winner – The top crews perform in front of a crowd using standard and fancy maneuvers. Tiki introduced their new “Square Dance” routine.

First Place in Non-traditional Uniform Inspection


First Place in 12 of 25 Events: Compass and Relative Bearings; (100%), Semaphore; (100%), Breeches Buoy (2:03); Flotilla Drill;

Hoisting the Scuttlebutt (50 sec.); Drill; Mariner Quiz; First Aid; Rules of the Road;Team Knots; Marlinspike and Bosun’s Chair

Second Place Awards: Ship Knots, Sailing, Radio, Piloting, Mystery

Third Place Award: Pulling Boat Race

Won, or placed in, 18 of 25 events

Note: 79.51% Ship Events, 83.01% adjusted for having 17 crew - 75% is required for Clipper Class Award (this is Tiki’s highest Ship Event percentage ever).



Seafarers Regatta, April 2016

Held at the Albatross Sea Scout Base and the Martinez Marina


First Place Overall 

First Place in 17 of 23 events

Sportsmanship Trophy
First Place awards:
Ship Knots - 100%, Compass & Relative Bearings - 100% , Team Knots - 3:37 (6 girls, 42 knots), Pullboat Flotilla , Ship Drill , Scuttlebutt - 64 seconds , Breeches Buoy - 1:48 or 2:14 , Radio, Bosun's Chair - 1:06 ,  Marlinspike, First Aid, Sailing Recognition, Mystery Event (practical use of Block & Tackle), Motorboating, Barrel Fill , Rules of the Road and Mariner’s Quiz.

Second Place in: Rope Climb, International Code Flags, Engineering Quiz
Fourth Place in: Dinghy Race   


The Tiki Too 2016 Crew:


Ski, Belinda, Amaya, Michelle, Marissa, Allanah, Laura, Kalani, Kenna, Mariah, Amber, Meghan, Alexis, Alexis S. (macot), Arriana, Sydney, Selu & Bella





Ancient Mariner Regatta, May 2015

with the California Maritime Academy in the background.


Clipper (top) Class Award and the Resolute Mariner: For competing in all events.

In a field of 27 crews from the west coast and Hawaii the Tiki Too achieved:

First Place in 12 of 26 events:  Knots (100%), Compass and Relative Bearings, Scuttlebutt (0:48) Pullboat Flotilla Drill, Pullboat Race, Sailing, Piloting (100%), Semaphore (100%), First Aid, Team Knots, Rules of the Road (96.8%) & International Code Flags

Second Place Awards: Marlinspike, Mariner Quiz, Bosun's Chair, Drill and Uniform Inspection

Third Place in Mystery

Mr. Kent Memorial Drill-Off Trophy - The crew demonstrated their new Kilo, Echo routine.

The Charlie Riedmuller memorial Sportsmanship Trophy




Old Salts Regatta, May 2015

Held on Coast Guard Island, Alameda California


The Old Salts Wheel: The "First Place" in overall competition award

Extreme Clipper Class Award: Awarded for Qualifying all 18 events.

First Place in 12 events:  Knots (100%), Compass and Relative Bearings (100%), Breeches Buoy (1:50), Scuttlebutt (60.6) Bosun's Chair (2:18), Crew Drill, Pullboat Flotilla Drill; Radio (100%), Mariner Quiz, Sailing ID (100%), Piloting and Mystery (Scavenger Hunt).

Second Place Awards: Sailing and Marlinspike, Fourth Place in Rope Climb; won or placed in 15 of 18 events.

Scuttle-off Trophy - The top four crews compete in a 9 person timed nautical event to erect a tripod using lashings, grommets and a block & tackle to raise a barrel of water without spilling. This was Tiki Too's second ever win at this competition.

Our favorite Old Salts award - The Commodore Joseph Bjorkman Sportsmanship Trophy

The Tiki 2015 Crew: top row - Laura, Marissa, Michelle, Sydney, Alexis, Ski, Belinda, Amber, Amaya; front row - Odette, Meghan, Emily, Catie, Selu




Seafarers Regatta, April 2015

Held at Martinez Marina and the Albatross Sea Scout Base in Martinez, CA

First Place in 15 of 23 events
Won or placed in 22 of 23 events (every event, except ring buoy)
Won First Place overall  and the Mr. Kent dedicated Sportsmanship Trophy
First Place in:
Ship Knots - 100%, Compass & Relative Bearings - 100%, Team Knots - 3:43 (6 girls, 42 knots), Pullboat Flotilla - 277 of 300
Ship Drill - 140 of 150, Scuttlebutt - 62 seconds, Breeches Buoy - 1:48, Radio - 99.5%, Bosun's Chair - 1:10 (tied with Discovery)
Rules of the Road - approx. 95%, First Aid - 187 of 200, Sailing Recognition - 95%, Engineering Quiz (tied with 2 other crews)
International Code Flags and Mariners Quiz
Second Place in:                                                           Third Place in: Barrel Fill
Marlinspike, Dinghy Race and Motorboating
Fourth Place in:                                                             Fifth Place in:
Heaving Line                                                                 Mystery (bridge building) and Rope Climb




Ancient Mariner Regatta, May 2014

with the National Historic Landmark Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet in the background.

Tiki Too crew members proudly display their plaque showing 14 First Place Awards and the Navigator's Trophy.


The Tiki Too completed their dream regatta season with an amazing showing at the 2014 Ancient Mariner Regatta. The effort was dedicated to Ms. Rebecca who could not attend post-surgery, she is doing well.

The crew cruised to the USS Hornet aircraft carrier museum (at NAS, Alameda) aboard the restored Vietnam War gunboat PTF-26 with the new Klamath Falls, Oregon Sea Scout Ship Discovery aboard. They competed in 25 events in a field of 21 teams and had successes far beyond anything they could have imagined.

The Tiki won:

14 First Place events:

Knots (100%), Compass and Relative Bearings (100%), Semaphore (100%)


Breeches Buoy (2 min)          Hoisting the Scuttlebutt (60 sec.)                     Pullboat Flotilla Drill  


Drill, Radio, Mariner Quiz, Sailing Quiz, First Aid, Piloting, Rules of the Road and Marlinspike (tied w/Odyssey).


Place Awards: Second in Team Knots (won by Albatross) and Int’l Code Flags; Third in Bosun’s Chair (a great win by the new ship Discovery). Tiki Too won, or placed in, 17 of 25 events.

Clipper Class Award: The highest class award, given for 75%+ in Ship Events and for completion of at least 13 Team Events.

Resolute Mariner Award: Given for competing in all events. This is a test of time management and skills.

The Navigator Award: Given to the ship with the highest overall scores in Piloting, Compass and R. B., Radio and Rules of the Road.

Drill Off Winner: The Tiki competed against the other top drill crews and demonstrated their base routine and their new “Omaha” fancy drill routine in front of a crowd of other scouts on the USS Hornet hanger deck.

They also had fun, sang cadences, celebrated two birthdays, made friends, survived two knee strains and had a great cruise home.

We are very proud of these record-breaking girls!





Old Salts Regatta, May 2014

Held on Coast Guard Island, Alameda California


First Place in 11 events:  Knots (100%), Compass and Relative Bearings (100%), Breeches Buoy (2:07), Bosun's Chair, Crew Drill, Pullboat Flotilla Drill; Radio, Mariner Quiz, Sailing ID, Mystery and Scuttlebutt.

Second Place Awards: Marlinspike and Piloting; won or placed in 16 of 18 events.

Scuttle-off Trophy - The top four crews compete in a 9 person timed nautical event to erect a tripod using lashings, grommets and a block & tackle to raise a barrel of water without spilling. This was Tiki Too's first ever win at this competition.

Possibly most importantly of all - The Joseph Bjorkman Sportsmanship Trophy

Joe was a friend to the museum and to the scouts. Being recognized for their spirit and sportsmanship and entrusted with this beautiful burl-wood trophy (made by Joe himself) is always emotional for the officers and crew.

In eclectic fashion they won high-pressure, all-ship "Attention to Detail" events (Knots and Compass & RB), "Dynamic 9-Person Team" events (Breeches Buoy, Bosun's Chair and Scuttlebutt), "Precision 9-Person Team" events (Drill and Flotilla),  "Small-Team" events (Radio and Sailing ID), a "Be Flexible, No Preparation" event (Mystery turned out to be a blindfolded clue-seeking anchor-parts ID activity) and an "All-Crew General Knowledge" event (Mariner Quiz). This was truly an "all-hands" effort and success.



Seafarers Regatta, April 2014

Held at Martinez Marina and the Albatross Sea Scout Base in Martinez, CA

After extensive training, our youth program, Sea Scout Ship Tiki Too had their most successful competition ever.

First Place Overall

First Place in 13 events: Breeches Buoy (1:43), Flotilla, Bosun's Chair, Compass and Relative Bearings (100%), Team Knots, Ship Knots, Mariners Quiz, Marlinspike, Sailing Recognition, Radio, Rules of the Road / ATONs, International Code Flags and Barrel Fill.

Second Place Awards: Drill, Dinghy Race and Motorboating

Fifth Place Awards: Mystery (Youngest crew members rock!)

The Regatta Spirit Award: In Memory of Intrepid Skipper Pat Siddens. a long time friend of the Tiki Too. RIP Pat.




Ancient Mariner Regatta, May 2013

With the National Historic Landmark Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet in the background,

Tiki Too crew members proudly display their plaque showing 8 First Place Awards and the newly minted Navigator's Trophy.

The Tiki Too participated over Memorial Weekend in the nation's largest Sea Scout competition, the 61st anniversary Ancient Mariner Regatta. The regatta was held onboard and near the National Historic Landmark WWII aircraft carrier USS Hornet in Alameda, CA. Approximately 500 hundred people attended and 20 separate ships competed , including a number of ships from Southern California and a unit from Hawaii. The Tiki cruised their 95' Vietnam War boat Liberty, PTF-26 to the regatta on Friday. They helped with event set-up, competed Saturday and Sunday, attended awards Monday, Memorial Day, then made the 6 hour cruise to Bethel Island.

The girls had trained extremely hard over the last couple of months as most of the time for the previous 5 months had been spent swapping main engines in two boats in order to be able to make the cruise to the regatta using their "new" 16 cylinder Detroit Diesel engines.

Ten adults from the Rio Vista program helped to train the crew or run the event. Twelve crew members competed. Despite the lost training time due to engine swaps (and the loss of a key crew member to other commitments just two weeks prior) the Tiki finished the weekend with an amazing 7 wins out of 23 events, First Place in Uniform Inspection and a special award. The ship's Bosun was Wee Sam Morine. Bosun's Mates were Emily Lutz and Catie Bullard. Crew Leaders and crew were Meghan Mello, Carla Sanchez, Amber Kelley, Destiny Ingram, Selu Rinne, Odette Tapia, Amaya White, Michelle Kelley and Laura Stewart.

Below are the results:

Schooner Class Award and Resolute Mariner Award

8 First Place Awards: Knots with 100% (tied with Odyssey and Challenger), Compass and Relative Bearings with 100% (tied with Challenger), Breeches Buoy (Catie Bullard cox'n) with a time of 2:28, Pullboat Flotilla Drill (Emily Lutz cox'n), Piloting, Marlinspike, Rules of the Road with 94% , Non-Traditional Uniform (Ms. Rebecca's first recognition with this award for her great uniform work)

The Navigator Award: Given to the ship with the highest overall scores in Piloting, Compass and R. B., Radio and Rules of the Road. This is the first year of this new AMR honor. Our thanks to Mr. Josh Gilliland.

2 Second Place Awards: Hoisting the Scuttlebutt with a time of 1:09 (tied with Challenger) and Semaphore with 99% (I suspect this was an error by the judges and should have been 100%)

2 Third Place awards: Team Knots with perfect knots and a time of 4:13 and Bosuns Chair with a time of 1:14 (1st and 2nd were 1:08 & 1:09)

Fifth Place: International Code Flags, Mariner Quiz and Drill

Qualified in: Radio, Rope Climb and Pullboat Race

The Tiki crew were also a crowd favorite at the Drill-Off demonstrating their new Tango- India- Kilo-India drill routine.

The girls of the Tiki showed that despite an abbreviated training period, and the loss of a key team member, they could still excel by working hard, sticking together and believing in themselves, their officers and the plan.



Old Salts Regatta, May 2013

Much of the training season was spent swapping engines to re-power Liberty, PTF-26 but the Tiki girls still squeezed in some time to train. They won, or placed in, 14 of 17 events at the 65th anniversary event.

                First Place: Knots - 100%, Compass & Relative Bearings - 100%, Radio with near-perfect.
                                     They were the only crew with perfect knots and shared perfect compass with the Challenger.
                Second Place: Breeches Buoy, Flotilla, Drill, Piloting, Bucket Brigade and Mystery
                Third Place: Mariners Quiz, Marlispike, Bosun's Chair (possibly the best an all-girls crew has done with the 9 person event at OSR)
                Fourth Place: Scuttlebutt, Sailing ID
                Top 5 crew activities: Qualified and competed in Scuttle-off and Regatta Relay, both with credible performances.

                The Tiki Too also won the Joe Bjorkman Sportsmanship Trophy!




Ancient Mariner Regatta, May 2012

With the National Historic Landmark Aircraft Carrier USS Hornet in the background,

Tiki Too crew members proudly display their haul of 6 First Place pennants.


The competition was especially tough at the 2012 AMR. This was the 60th annual AMR, held during the Sea Scout Centennial year. Special, memorial, First Place flags were the prize for any crew that could win one of the 25 events. Mariner X, Challenger, Odyssey and the 27 other teams were not giving the Tiki Too any breaks.

With 10 new crew members and a lot of little mistakes on the first day, plus our lead-stroke in the pull-boat pulling her wrist, things were not looking great. But!, the crew held it together and with an all-hands effort, spear-headed by the older girls, the Tiki fought through the challenges and finished with a very respectable 6 First Place awards and a number of other place awards.

The final tally was:

Schooner Class Award - the crew missed Clipper Class by .12% in Ship Events

First Place in: Pullboat Flotilla Drill, Crew Drill, Bosun's Chair (with a time of 1:01), Piloting (with a score of 990 out of 1000), Rules of the Road (with a score of 96%) and Compass and Relative Bearings (tied 4 ways with the Odyssey , Challenger and I think Mariner X).

Second Place in: Uniform Inspection, Scuttlebutt with a time of 1:06 seconds (good job Challenger!, I think their time was in the mid.-50s); Breeches Buoy with a time of 2 minutes 06 seconds (Challenger beat us by 9 seconds); Semaphore (with a score of 99%) and International Code Flags.

Third Place in: Ship Knots, Team Knots and Marlinspike.      Fourth Place in: First Aid.      Fifth Place in: Radio.

The crew qualified for and had a pleasant routine in the Drill-Off.

Over the two-day competition, in 26 events, they looked more like a competitive crew than one experiencing the set-backs of a "rebuilding year". Resilience and belief in themselves brought them back from a tough start to a successful body of work. Good job all!



Old Salts Regatta    May 5th, 2012


After a 10 hour cruise to Redwood City from Rio Vista (by way of the fuel dock in San Francisco) the Tiki Too competed against crews from throughout Northern California in the 64th annual Old Salts Regatta..

The crew consisted of 4 senior girls, 2 second year girls and 9 girls in their first season. A number of parents were on hand to witness the results of 3 months of intense training.

The results:
Clipper Class Award

First Place in: Scuttlebutt with a time of 57 seconds (beating the next crew by ~4 seconds); Breeches Buoy with a time of 2 minutes 23 seconds (beating the Challenger by 12 seconds); Compass and Relative Bearings (tied with the Odyssey with a score of 100%); and Marlinspike (with 4 of the new crew achieving perfect scores and earning a marlinspike knife from Skipper).

Second Place in: Knots (because of an equipment issue, this really should have been a tie  for First Place with 100% with the Challenger and the Odyssey), Pullboat Flotilla Drill, Bosun's Chair, Crew Drill, Sailing ID, Piloting and Mariner Quiz.

Third Place in First Aid
Fourth Place in Sailing

These would be outstanding results for an experienced crew - for a crew with 9 new members it was nothing short of amazing.
Congrats to the whole crew and thanks to the ship's officers and supporters!






Ancient Mariner Regatta at the carrier museum USS Hornet, May 2011


It took 27 years and happened without fanfare.

In 1984 the Tiki Too was the first all-girls crew to ever get the highest class award, "Clipper", at the country's most important Sea Scout competition, Ancient Mariner Regatta. Through the years Tiki has fielded an increasingly competitive team.

In 1989 the Tiki Too was the first all-girls crew to row in the pullboat finals at AMR.

In 2011, for the first time ever - an all-girls team was the most successful crew in competition in the 25 events over two days at  at AMR, it was once again, the Tiki Too!       Congratulations girls!       Good job!

Clipper Class, Resolute Mariner, lots of place awards, an enjoyable Drill-Off performance and First Place in Scuttlebutt, Bosun's Chair, Mystery, Flotilla Drill and with 100% - Ship Knots.





Ancient Mariner Regatta, May 2010

2010 was an especially successful competition season. The crew was even busier year than usual. They brought in a number of new crew members and trained hard for the regattas. Tiki Too placed First overall at Seafarers Regatta in Martinez, Second overall at Old Salts Regatta in Redwood City and more or less tied with two SoCal groups for First overall at the Ancient Mariner Regatta (AMR). AMR was held onboard and near the National Historic Landmark aircraft carrier USS Hornet. The crew won the highest Class award, Clipper at both AMR and Old Salts.  They won the Spirit Award at Seafarers and the Sportsmanship trophy at Old Salts. During the course of the season the crew won 16 First Place awards and numerous place awards. They were the only crew with perfect knots at Old Salts and AMR and perfect Compass and Relative Bearings at AMR. They won First Place in the exciting rescue event, Breeches Buoy, at all 3 regattas.



Ancient Mariner Regatta 2009

Ancient Mariner Regatta 2008


Ancient Mariner Regatta 2007


Ancient Mariner Regatta 2006


Ancient Mariner Regatta 2005



Ancient Mariner Regatta 2003

Kelly Jo Lindblom Angulo"In 2003 we did awesome. We won Clipper at OSR and AMR. At AMR, we clipper'd, winning knots and compass with 100% each, first in Quiz, (that's three of the 5 ship events that were offered back then), won the spirit award (Joe Bjorkman) along with 7 first place trophies and lots of seconds and thirds. 2003 goes down in the Tiki record books for sure.."




For more photos, please see the Images page.



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